Lara is a collaborative and versatile professional with an ability to see both the detail and the bigger picture.  I have worked with her on many projects over the years, originally when she was advising creative companies at Business Link and later on projects seeking to develop leadership diversity, in which she has been persistent, insightful and responsive in equal measure.  We developed the Re:Present and Astonish programmes with very limited resources and Lara worked hard with what we had, to create content which far outstripped what we should have been able to achieve. 


She delivered added value through her own connections, making sure the participants had access to some top flight inspirational content.  Lara co-ordinated work to establish a Screen Bureau for the West Midlands, researching a solid evidence base, making a successful bid to the British Film Institute and keeping a fledgling partnership of sector interests engaged, balancing a variety of interests well.  Lara works with flair and humour, which is a refreshing combination!

Val Birchall

Head of Sport, Culture & Destination Services

Coventry City Council

Lara has her ear to the ground, finger on the pulse and eye to the detail. She can be relied upon to respond promptly and thoughtfully to questions and queries. Her honesty, warmth and energy bring a ‘can do’ vibe to any room. Helpfully she also lives in the real world.


She was a stalwart on our board for years and we’ll always be grateful.

James Yarker

Artistic Director

Stan’s Cafe

I have worked with Lara for some 15 years and employed her on a number of occasions as a consultant.  Her knowledge across the creative industries is substantial.  Her energy and commitment to get things done have brought huge value to our projects.  She is innovative in the way she approaches a challenge and uses a very wide and varied contact list to huge effect.  Her creative approach to engagement, results in events that have huge impact.  I have found her to be very generous in what she gives and always grateful for the value she adds.

Joanna Birch, 

Director, Innovation Enterprise and Employability

Birmingham City University

Lara Ratnaraja is a brilliant producer, facilitator, mentor and all round creative brain, who has helped MAC pioneer ‘Girls that Geek’ our dedicated programme of bringing together technology and teen women in a safe and inspirational space.  It is a hugely popular programme, attributed largely to Lara’s ability to ensure everyone taking part be they, speakers, artists or audience members feel a sense of equality, camaraderie and empowerment.

Deborah Kermode

Chief Executive & Artistic Director

Midlands Arts Centre